29 Ara 2021
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Bifrost is a PvPvE event entered from Ronark Land. In Bifrost, players can farm monsters associated with the 7 major sins Pride (Pride), Gluttony (Gluttony), Wrath (Anger), Sloth (Sloth), Lechery (Lust), Envy (Jealousy), and Greed (Greed).

How to enter?
Entry to the event starts with the fight for the monument in the middle (bowl) of Ronark Land. There are two possibilities:

The side that destroys the Monument (the last hit) enters Bifrost from the Bifrost Gate (located on the opposite side of the monument) 30 minutes before the enemy side.
If no one can destroy the monument within 30 minutes, the Bifrost gate will close and no one can enter Bifrost until the next event time.
In such a case, monument's HP won't be regenerated so it will be easier to destroy it on the next try.
30 minutes after the Monument destroyer enters Bifrost, Bifrost is unlocked for the next 90 minutes.

Check-in Time
Bifrost can be accessed daily at 02:00, 14:00 and 21:00 on USKO servers, and at 00:00, 10:00 and 17:00 on STKO servers. You can visit our Events page for all event hours.

Once you've overcome all mortal sins mobs in Bifrost, you'll encounter Ultima's room (behind the Greed slot). Once you have each of the 7 sin stones, you can combat the Ultima.

Bifrost haritası

Bifrost Map

Bifrost gaz odası

Bifrost gas area​

You can drop materials to craft Fragment stones and Black Chitin Armor from Bifrost mobs.

You can break stones and earn valuable items in the Chaotic Generator in Moradon.

To find out the drop probabilities of the stones Click Here.
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