Border Defance War (BDW)


29 Ara 2021

Players can earn points in Border Defense War (BDW for short) by breaking the Center Monument Crystal (Altar of Manes) and bringing their flag (Shard of Manes) to their area. Players can PvP during the event. The winning side get the scroll and Red Treasure Chest to get the experience points. The losing side wins the scroll just for gaining experience points.

How can I join?
  • When the time comes, it is entered by clicking on the mini window that appears on the game screen.​
Check-in time and instructions
  • All BDWs can be entered on the same day.
  • BDW servers start daily at 01:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00.
  • You must be between a minimum level 20 and a maximum level of 80 to enter BDW.
About the Border Defense War
  • The battle method is 8vs8.
  • The battle duration is 30 minutes and players can pass their party once they are inside.
  • The party uses all their own use in the characters.
  • A character who dies can respawn in his own region and continue the battle.
  • If he doesn't wake up after a certain amount of time after being killed, that character will be sent directly to Moradon.
Winning rules
  • Rule 1: The battle is won by the first team to reach 600 Points or when the opposing team has a player left.
  • Rule 2: If these conditions are not met after 30 rule periods, you can also win the BDW by having the most points as a team.
Additional information
  • When you kill an enemy, your team gains 2 points and you gain a small amount of NP.
  • NP purchases are determined according to the premium type.
  • From level 58 you have NP stealth upon death.
  • Border Defense War (BDW) rewards
  • Level 20-50: Abyss Gem + BDW Coupon
  • Level 51-59: Red Treasure Chest + BDW Coupon
  • Level 60 - 69 : Green Treasure Chest + BDW Coupon
  • Level 70-72: BlueTreasure Chest + BDW Coupon
  • Level 72-80: Blue Treasure Chest + BDW Coupon
  • All players in both winning and losing parties receive a certain percentage of Experience Points rewards. Premium users get more Experience Points.
  • Additionally, an item is awarded that increases Experience Points gain by 20% for 2 hours.
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